Welcome to Totally Pets. 


We are proud to provide a highly regarded, professional pet care service in the Twickenham area providing

outstanding pet care since 2007. 

We are passionate about dogs and cats!

We will be there to provide the care when you can't. 

Dog Walking

Dogs are sociable animals and enjoy spending time with their human and doggy friends.  They like to run, play, sniff and explore.  They, like us can get fed up going to the same place all the time, and with so many fabulous local commons, heaths, woods and parks locally, we visit a different one on each walk.  Your dog will get stimulating, exciting walks every time and no opportunity to become bored.  Our walks are for up to one hour and we practice basic training and good manners on every walk.


Dog Day Care

Day care is available from 8am until 6pm Monday to Friday and includes a morning and afternoon walk.

Puppy Visits

If you have to be away from home during the day we can come and spend time with your new puppy.  Visits are at approximately 11.30am and last for 45 minutes.  During that time we will go out in the garden, play, have lunch and do basic training.  Basic training will generally include the following: sit, down, come, whistle recall, wait, roll over, spin, targeting and leg weaves.  Once they have completed their course of vaccinations, puppies will be able to join in with group walks, having rides in the dog buggy so that they don't over-do it.

Cat Care

We can come and spend time with your cats or kittens and keep them company while you are away.  We will feed them, clean out litter trays, brush, give any injections if needed and generally make a fuss of them.  If you would like house plants or garden pots watered whilst we are there then just let us know.