Pet products that we love


Pet Remedy - A range of natural de-stress and calming products, available at cost price from Totally Pets.


Dicky Bags - Neoprene odour preventing dog waste carry pouches and treat bags available in a range of sizes and colours.


Skinners Pet Products - Natural dried fish skin or fish based dog treats, complete foods and a range of BARF products


Identitag - A range of high quality dog tags in various finishes and colours, available at cost price for our clients.


Green Dog Feeder - Fabulous interactive dog feeder available in two sizes.


Perfect Fit Harness - All parts of these harnesses are sold individually so is guaranteed to fit your dog. It can come with a front ring too if needed.


Cool Coat - Cool coats are activated by water and can keep dogs comfortable for hours.




Thinking of adopting a pet?


Animal Rescue and Care - a great local rescue who we foster guinea pigs for.


Many Tears - Based in Wales but with dogs in foster all around the country.  




Below is the begining of an article by Suzanne Clothier, a compulsory read for all dog owners. To read the full article click here


He Just Wants To Say "Hi!" by Suzanne Clothier


Aggression or appropriate response to rudeness? Far too many dogs suffer because handlers & trainers don't know the difference between the two.


Sitting quietly on the mall bench beside my husband, I was minding my own business when the man approached. I glanced up as the man sat next to me. He was a bit close for my comfort, so I edged a little closer to my husband who, busy reading a book, ignored me. Still feeling a bit uncomfortable with the strange man so close, I then turned my head slightly away from him, politely indicating I was not interested in any interaction. To my horror, the man leaned over me and began licking my neck while rudely groping me.

When I screamed and pushed him away, my trouble really began. My husband angrily threw me to the ground, yelling at me "Why did you do that? He was only trying to be friendly and say hi! What a touchy bitch you are! You're going to have to learn to behave better in public."

People all around us stared and shook their heads sadly. I heard a few murmuring that they thought my husband should do something about my behavior; some even mentioned that he shouldn't have such a violent woman out in public until I'd been trained better. As my husband dragged me to the car, I noticed that the man who had groped me had gone a bit further down the mall and was doing the same thing to other women.



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